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am11: 00 --pm23: 30


Commitment to cooking

Enjoy at a private hotel,
Rich menu just like a restaurant.
The chef's commitment to deliciousness, variety, and presentation.

open 11:00 am ~ stop 23:30 pm

The deliciousness of the food is also the real pleasure of staying at a hotel.
With heartfelt hospitality to visiting guests, Printemps Hotels' cuisine is "handmade" that conveys the warmth of human hands.
A wide variety of menus like a restaurant, and a special taste that is beautiful to the eyes, making use of seasonal ingredients. We will delight your loved ones with "deliciousness" and deliver deliciousness full of smiles.

Meat dish

We have prepared a wide variety of meat dishes such as steak, fried chicken, hamburger steak, and fried chicken.

Pasta salad

We offer tomato pasta, cream pasta, short pasta, etc. at reasonable prices.

Gratin Doria

You can enjoy various gratin and doria including the popular doria that you can enjoy at the same time as the richness of meat sauce and white sauce.


morning service

am7: 00 --am10: 00


Morning will be brought to your room at the designated time.
Please apply by phone at the front desk by 23:30 midnight.
The time for breakfast service is from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.
Every 30 minutes.
Free morning service with the purchase of a member's card.
Member's cards can be purchased in the room.
Please see the guest room information book for details.

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