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  • Be sure to lock the doors and windows of your car to prevent theft and other accidents.
    The hotel cannot be held responsible for any theft or accident in the guest room or parking lot.

  • Customers who smoke should be careful about cleaning up the butts.
    Please refrain from smoking in bed, as there is a risk of fire.

  • Never touch the fire alarm installed on the ceiling.
    When vibration is detected, a bell will ring in the entire building and a fire report will be sent to the fire department. be careful.

Article 1

Application of this agreement

  1. The accommodation and break contracts concluded by the hotel shall be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be in accordance with laws and regulations or customs.

  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel can comply with special contracts to the extent that it does not violate the purpose, laws and customs of this contract.

Article 2

Refusal of room use contract for accommodation and breaks at the hotel and right to cancel the contract

Refusal of room use contract for accommodation and breaks at the hotel and right to cancel the contract

  1. When the application for accommodation and breaks does not comply with this agreement.

  2. When there is no room in the guest room due to full or full occupancy.

  3. When there is a reason similar to the previous item, such as when it is actually planned to provide guest rooms with priority for disaster victims and disaster recovery personnel due to the occurrence of a disaster or other emergency.

  4. When the person who intends to stay is a member of a gangster, a gangster-related organization, or any other antisocial force specified in the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by gangsters and prefectural ordinances on exclusion of gangsters, or related persons thereof.

  5. When it is recognized that a person who intends to stay and take a break may act in violation of the provisions of laws and regulations, public order, or good manners and customs regarding accommodation and breaks.

  6. When a person who intends to stay or take a break is clearly found to have an infectious disease.

  7. When you are requested to provide services or other special burdens that exceed a considerable range according to social conventions regarding accommodation or breaks.

  8. When it is not possible to stay or take a break due to a natural disaster, facility failure, or other unavoidable reason.

  9. When a person who intends to stay or take a break is a drunk person and may cause inconvenience to other guests or hinder the operation of the hotel, or causes inconvenience to other guests or employees of the hotel. When you say or do something.

  10. When it is recognized that the person staying at the hotel or taking a break has committed a crime or an act that touches the criminal law.

  11. When the person who is going to stay is in a state where physical and mental disorders are clearly recognized.

  12. When a minor under the age of 18 uses the facility.

  13. When you apply for accommodation for the purpose of transferring the right to stay to another person.

  14. When you apply for accommodation even though you do not actually intend to stay.

  15. In addition, when it is possible to refuse accommodation as stipulated by various laws and regulations or prefectural ordinances.

Article 3

Your right to cancel the contract

  1. You can cancel your room usage contract by notifying the hotel.

  2. If the customer cancels all or part of the room usage contract in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the penalty set forth in the hotel's cancellation policy will be paid.

  3. If the guest does not arrive at the estimated time of arrival on the day of stay without contacting the guest, the hotel may treat the room usage contract as canceled by the guest.

Article 4

Room usage time

  1. The time when the guest can use the guest room of the hotel shall be based on the room rate table set by the hotel.

  2. If you are staying for consecutive nights, you will also be required to pay the usage fee during the daytime hours. In that case, you will be required to pay the fee each time you renew your accommodation or break.

  3. Even if the guest can use the guest room based on the preceding paragraph, the hotel may enter the guest room and take necessary measures when there is a need for safety and hygiene management or other operational management of the hotel. Suppose. In addition, we do not allow the same room to be used for up to 5 consecutive days. 

Article 5

Payment of charges

  1. Room charges will be charged even if the guest stays and rests do not voluntarily stay or rest after using the bed or bathroom in the guest room.

  2. If you are unable to pay the fee after using the room for the purpose of staying or resting, the hotel will post the room rate and ask the customer to consent to the room. In the unlikely event that payment is not made due to lack of money or other reasons, we will deliberately take resolute legal action to assume that the customer was a hotel user for the purpose of eating and drinking without money. I will do it.

Article 6

Handling when the contracted guest room cannot be provided

  1. If the hotel cannot provide the contracted room to the guest, the hotel will arrange other facilities under the same conditions as much as possible.

  2. If the hotel cannot arrange other facilities regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel will pay the customer a compensation fee equivalent to the room usage fee, and the compensation fee will be applied to the damage compensation amount. However, we will not pay compensation if there is no reason to blame the hotel for not being able to provide the guest room.

Article 7

Storage of your lost property

  1. If your baggage or personal belongings are left behind at the hotel after you check out, the hotel will, in principle, store it for 3 months including the date of discovery, during which time you will not request a return. In that case, we will handle it based on the Lost and Found Law.
    However, valuables shall be delivered to the nearest police station immediately.
    In addition, if you do not contact us by the day after check-out, we will dispose of food, magazines and other waste items at our discretion.

  2. In order to properly dispose of misplaced baggage or personal belongings according to the nature of the contents, the hotel will voluntarily inspect the contents and, if necessary, return it to the lost person or dispose of it in accordance with the preceding paragraph. It shall be possible and the lost person shall not be able to object to this.

Article 8

Strict adherence to usage rules

1. In principle, it is prohibited to use the guest room beyond the contracted number of people. If it is discovered that the number of users exceeds the contracted number without request, the excess usage will be charged.
2. Damage, water leakage, flooding, graffiti of the hotel's furniture, fixtures, building body and equipment due to the customer's violation of this agreement or usage rules and other reasons attributable to the customer (carelessness or intentional) In the event of burning, etc., you will be required to reimburse or compensate for the amount equivalent to the market price approved by the hotel. In addition, if you suffer a loss of sales opportunity or other damage, you will be compensated in the same way.
3. If there is no response from our shop to the customer several times, we may confirm the entry for crisis management.
4. The following acts within the hotel are strictly prohibited.

(1) Use of firearms for heating and cooking and electrical appliances other than those rented by the hotel (2) Beds, other places where fires are likely to occur, and smoking outside the hotel's designated places (3) Kogin (4) Bringing in the following items (a) Animals, birds, etc. (b) Stimulants, drugs, etc., possessed by law Prohibited chemicals (c) Explosives and volatile oils that are easily ignited or ignited and chemicals that may cause harm to the body (d) Unlicensed guns, swords and similar products (e) Remarkably Items that are large or heavy (f) Items that emit a foul odor (g) Items that interfere with the hygiene of garbage and guest rooms (h) Items such as electrical appliances and cooking utensils intended for use in the hotel (i) Others Items prohibited by the hotel from being brought into the guest room (5) Acts that violate gambling and public order and morals in the guest room (6) Acts of distributing leaflets, villas and other advertisements to other customers (7) Facilities in the hotel And movement, processing, taking out of various goods, and use for purposes other than the original purpose (8) Leaving belongings in places other than guest rooms (9) Access to facilities other than guests (10) Our hotel Taking food and drinks from facilities other than the permitted facilities
(11) Use of hair dye, bleach, etc. in the facility
(12) Acts of burning incense in the guest room (13) Activities for profit (14) Acts of leaving the guest room with nightwear and guest room slippers (15) For business purposes in the guest room and on the premises Photographs and videos (16) All other acts that interfere with the safety and hygiene of the hotel

5. In the event of a sudden illness, injury or accident at the hotel, we will not be responsible for it at the same time.

6. When using a guest room, please fill in the guest room at the front desk of the hotel and the guest room provided in each room.

7. For customers whose address is outside Japan We will confirm your nationality and passport number upon check-in. We will make a copy of your passport, so please cooperate.
* Implemented from April 1, 2005 under the guidance of the government.

8. If you are forced to leave the hotel due to a malfunction of the facility after entering the hotel, please be aware of this and leave the hotel as soon as possible. In addition, do not request money etc. for that reason.

9. Please be sure to bring your valuables to your room. The hotel is not responsible for any accidents such as theft or damage of valuables.

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