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freetime photograph plan


A plan that makes the guest room a shooting studio as it is

Feel free to do more

I want you to use Hotel & Sweets

I made such a plan!

At a more reasonable price than anywhere else

You can freely use the guest room as a studio.

You can also rent equipment!

Of course, you can eat all-you-can-eat sweets ♪

Photograph plan

​New appearance! Weekdays only! Free time shooting plan
――You can rent equipment for free! ――


¥ 7,090 ~

 (2 people / tax included)

Number of people: 2-4 people (non-smoking room)

Hours: ¥ 7,090 ~! (Weekdays) no matter how many hours you use from 6:00 to 18:00

* The above rates are for C type rooms. * Prices are different on weekdays and holidays. Please see the shooting plan price list for details.

* In addition, when using for 2 or more people, 50% of the room rate will be charged for each additional person.

Unit type with integrated toilet and bath
Double bed: Queen size (width 160 cm)
Room size: 19.9㎡
No karaoke



check in

6: 00 ~ 14: 00

check out

 ~ 18: 00

 * Free entry and exit after check-in!

[About changing rooms]

If you wish to change your room, please check in before check-in.
Please contact the front desk staff directly.
In that case, please note that the desired room may not be available.

In addition, the price will change depending on the grade of the room.
Also, please note that the check-out time differs between weekdays and holidays.

Equipment can be rented

We have 7 equipments

 * Please let us know if you have a loan when you make a reservation.

Extension cord 5m
Reflector 80cm
Constant light

Heart-shaped ring light

Ring light

Remote shutter

The above equipment is rented free of charge.
Please use it for shooting.


202 [Ctype]


205 [Ctype]


208 [Ctype]


211 [Ctype]


215 [Btype]


218 [Btype]


221 [Stype]


Hotel lobby


203 [Ctype]


206 [Ctype]


210 [Ctype]


212 [Ctype]


216 [Btype]


220 [Atype]


Sweets showcase

What was actually taken
(221 Suite Room)


Precautions / Terms of Use

* It is possible to change the layout indoors, but please be sure to restore it by the time you leave the room.
* It is prohibited to move items related to electrical appliances and wiring.
* No shoes are allowed in the guest rooms. It is possible to wear shoes for shooting, but please prepare clean shoes that have been wiped clean.
* Please be careful when using lighting fixtures when shooting in the bathroom.
* When moving the interior of the room, lift it so that it does not rub against the floor or walls.
* If the interior, equipment, or rental equipment is clearly damaged or soiled that cannot normally be repaired, we will charge a reasonable amount of compensation (repair costs and security deposit for the suspension period).
* When shooting outside the guest room (lobby, stairs, etc.), please be sure to speak to the front desk and obtain permission before shooting.
* As a general rule, please follow the instructions of the staff at the site. Please note that you may be asked to leave the room if you do not comply.
* Please leave the room completely within the rental time. If you do not leave the room after the end time, an additional extension fee will be charged.
* Please note that the hotel is not responsible for any damages, incidents or accidents on the part of the user that occur in the guest room, such as theft, damage to the equipment brought in, or personal injury.
* Please refrain from taking pictures that damage the image of the hotel.
* Shooting of sexual expressions, nudity, obscene materials, and similar age restrictions is strictly prohibited.
* If we judge that the hotel is inappropriate in terms of terms of use, form, etc., we may refuse to use it. In addition, if a violation of this agreement is found, we may stop using the service even while you are using it. In that case, you will be obliged to pay the usage fee.
* Please note that we may refuse to use the service from the next time depending on the usage status (damage, stain, harassment, etc.).

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