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- Comfort Room -
Girls Plan

Short STAY


Comfort room
-Weekday limited 4-hour day trip girls-only gathering plan-

Number of people: 3-5 people (smoking room)
Number of people: 2-3 people (smoking room)

* Currently, the number of reservations has changed as a countermeasure against coronavirus infection.


From ¥ 3,140

 (1 person / tax included)

* For accommodation, accommodation tax of ¥ 200 per person will be added from April 2020.

Separate bath and toilet
No karaoke
Free parking for 1 car

■ With sweets buffet

[Room facilities]
50-inch TV / Free VOD, BD Player / Blower Bath / Toilet with washing machine Free Wi-Fi
No karaoke
DVD / Blu-ray: Available for viewing


[Reserved] [No reservation]

check in

Weekdays, Saturdays The day before public holidays / 11: 00 ~ 20: 00

check out

Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays / ~ 24: 00

* If you come directly to the store without making a reservation, please be sure to inform the front desk staff of the number of people using the telephone installed in front of the lobby before using the room.
* Available for couples without reservation

* Free entry and exit after check-in!
* In addition to the sofa, we have a chaise longue.

By joining a member!

  • Free morning (reservation required)!

  • Free rental products!

  • Meal member discount!

* Members discount on accommodation charges is not applicable for reservations.


Sweets buffet

Sweets buffet

You can enjoy more than 10 kinds of sweets every day.

You can choose as many sweets as you like from the showcase. You can also see the handmade scenery in the open kitchen. There are more than 100 types of sweets.



We are making handmade sweets

You may also encounter making sweets in the open kitchen.


Baked Cake


Macaroons that are very popular for baked goods!



Jelly & mousse… etc

As much as you like baked goods, jellies and mousses.



The chef's commitment to deliciousness, variety, and presentation.

The deliciousness of the food is also the real pleasure of staying at a hotel.
We offer heartfelt hospitality to our guests, and the cuisine of Hotel & Suites Fukuoka is "handmade" that conveys the warmth of human hands.


Lunch time!

Lunch time in your room!

Reasonably priced meals at lunchtime until 17:00.



Sincere hospitality.

The chef's commitment to deliciousness, variety, and presentation.



Soft drinks and alcohol are also available!

If you become a member for ¥ 100, you will get a member price!

Cancellation at the time of reservation

* Cancellation is possible until the day before.
* If you wish to cancel, you can cancel by yourself from the cancellation URL described in the body of the reservation completion email.
* In case of cancellation on the day: 100% of the accommodation fee
* For non-night stay: 100% of the accommodation fee
* If you make a reservation for 4 or more people and the number of people decreases on the day, a usage fee for at least 3 people will be charged.

About decoration
We do not accept decorations such as sticking on the wall with double-sided tape.

The Dolce Room can only be reserved for a girls-only gathering for 2 to 3 people.

* In case of non-night stay: 100% of the accommodation fee * Reservations other than the staying girls-only gathering are not currently accepted.

It is also possible to come directly to the store without making a reservation and have a stay or a day trip girls-only gathering.
* When a girls-only gathering is held with 3 or more females, the room rate for 2 people is usually displayed, but the room rate will be 50% higher than the room rate for 3 people.
If you come to the store without a reservation, please be sure to tell the staff before using the room.
* Rooms may not be available on the day of the event. Please note.

* If you use the girls-only gathering from the reservation, the room rate discount service for members only is not applicable. Please note.
* We do not accept girls-only gatherings that include one or more men. Please note.

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